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Trulica (Maximum Bioavailability Liquid Silica), 1,000ml (No more available)

Trulica Liquid Silica

Silica is the 2nd most abundant element in the earth’s continental crust – and 2nd only to oxygen.

Till date, very little has been said about silica and its implications on our health and well-being in the mainstream world. This is no surprise as inorganic silica has no use and might instead cause complications in our body.

Pure ionic silica might crystallise easily in our bodies as well and we certainly don’t want that. There have been stabilised synthetic forms of silica which have yielded some encouraging results, but some people have reported negative side effects.

The Birth of Biological Transmutation – A Nobel-Worthy Discovery

Professor C. Louis Kervran became a Nobel nominee with his profound discovery of the biological transmutation theory. His works should rightfully be up there with all the Linus Paulings, Otto Warburgs, Louis Ignarros and so on.

Kervran (1901-1983), a medical scientist and engineer with a high official position in the French research and occupational health community, had a life-long interest in the possibility of biological transmutations. His curiousity began in his youth when he watched hens pecking at specks of mica in the farmyard. His later professional observations concerned (in one small part) the anomalous re-appearance of robust calcium - bearing eggshells in calcium-deprived chickens that had been administered dietary mica (a potassium-rich mineral).

Over a century earlier (in 1799), French chemist Louis Nicolas Vauquelin had noted this and so did a scientists by the name of William Prout in 1822. The Kervran bio-transmutation story and its background is summarized eloquently in "Alchemists in the Garden," a chapter of the best-selling book "The Secret Life of Plants" by Peter Tompkins and the late Christopher Bird.

Wondering how on earth chickens with zero calcium in their diet and only potassium could grow calcium-rich shells baffled him. When he did a reverse experiment i.e. fed chickens calcium-rich foods with zero potassium, they formed very soft shelled eggs. From then on, he collected and correlate many anomalous biochemical observations from nineteenth and twentieth century researchers.

Geophysics Prof. M. Camberfort wrote to Kervran in 1974, “I have spoken of your work in my most recent book, because I consider that your hypotheses, largely confirmed in certain cases, are the only ones susceptible of explaining a number of facts noted by geologists, so far explained (in geological circles) by fairy tales and old wives’ tales.”

Prof. Baranger in the late 1950s repeated the seed growth experiments of von Herzeele (conducted and published from 1876 to 1883), in which elements appeared to be produced in seeds sprouted in distilled water alone (based on analysis of the ashed seeds and plants). Von Herzeele had found that phosphorus went to sulfur, calcium to phosphorus, magnesium into calcium, etc.—many of the findings that Kervran would later ratify. Baranger reported his work in January 1958 at a prestigious scientific institute in Switzerland. In an interview with the magazine Science et Vie in 1959, he said:

“My results look impossible, but there they are. I have taken every precaution. I have repeated the experiments many times. I have made thousands of analyses for years. I have had the results verified by third parties who did not know what I was about. I have used several different methods. I changed my experimenters. But there is no way out; we have to submit to the evidence: plants know the old secret of the alchemists. Every day under our very gaze they are transmuting elements. . . I have been teaching chemistry at the École Polytechnique for twenty years, and believe me, the laboratory which I direct is no den of false science. But I have never confused respect for science with the taboos imposed by intellectual conformism. For me, any meticulously performed experiment is a homage to science even if it shocks our ingrained habits. Von Herzeele’s experiments were too few to be absolutely convincing. But their results inspired me to control them with all the precaution possible in a modern lab and to repeat them enough times so that they would be statistically irrefutable. That’s what I’ve done.”

This area seems destined to grow, especially with the recent founding of a formal society for the study of bio- transmutation, according to the announcement by French cold fusion researcher Dr. Jean-Paul Biberian. Experimenters from France to Japan are now hard at work on this exciting new frontier. Others have already published contemporary scientific works. The sodium/potassium pump in every cell in the body is a classic example of biological transmutation (discovered by Dr. Panos T. Pappas). Life begins in that cradle of water inside the mother’s body where her child is being formed and there are elements being made or synthesised that she’s not even eating or she’s not ingesting in any way but yet it is being produced in the mother’s womb. David Elliot’s theory of Nutri-physics provides a clear account and backing of transmutation phenomena.

Other renowned scientists have also backed this theory including Rudolf Steiner, Klaus Kaufmann, Sindler, Lawes, Gilbert, Komaki, Schwartz, Iler, BergnaIler, Carlisle, Kaznacheyev and Korolkov.

Kervran synthesized his biotransmutation ideas in papers and books from 1959 through 1983 – all of which were presented in truly professional, scientifically astute, and evidently solid ways.

We know for a fact that it is beyond a doubt that biological transmutation is taking place all the time.

How this all relates to silica is crucial – our bodies use silica to form calcium in bone. In short, silica transmutes into calcium in our bone matrix.

Silica and Health

Silica has shown to be a “magic element” and having been long forgotten, it is crucial in today’s age that its place in fostering good health and wellbeing comes to light. Reputed to be the “philosopher’s stone” that imbues humans with immortality, silica is everything to do with new life. It is what makes newborn babies bouncy, and present in absorbable forms in many forms of young plants. It is no secret that embryonic fluid contains silica.

To best illustrate how silica relates to life, health and ageing, imagine if you will, that when you are first born into this world, you have an abundance of silica. This silica reserve is like your lifespan – a life account. There is hardly any calcium in the body at this point. As we get older, we accumulate more calcium and lose more silica (through transmutation). In fact, on a day to day basis, we lose roughly 10-40mg of silica a day just by cutting our fingernails, grooming our hair etc.

Silica is not just used to build bone, but also the collagen and elastin components of connective tissue, which is what 50% of the body is made of. It is used to orchestrate mineral functions, biological activity, cell division etc. We use the largest amounts of silica in rapid growth, teenage years and then the usage starts to taper off and stabilise once we reach adulthood. It is no coincidence that aches and pains, stiffness, less elasticity in skin, thinner hair and more all start to set in and increase in magnitude as we age. The way we organise and utilise minerals become less intelligent; our fibre- optic cell communication now becomes, well, “broadband or dial-up”. We start accumulating calcium in our heart arteries, causing problems to the heart (which is why doctors prescribe calcium blockers). We start depositing calcium on other arteries, hardening them and giving arthritis. We start having kidney, liver and gallstones. We start allowing nanobacteria to form calcium shells and then cause all sorts of problems including cancer. The root causes of disease include inflammation, lack of oxygen, acidity and so on … and it all also correlates to calcification. Acidity results in the leakage of minerals from the bone matrix into the blood – and without silica organising and guiding these minerals, they end up in the wrong places.

Calcium is really like fire (it can be good or bad) and not the miracle the mainstream media has made it out to be – ingesting more has instead proven to cause more calcification problems than anything. Increases in bone density? More like “dead” limestone material plastering your bones and creating more burden.

Here is a summary of what silica means to the body:

  1. Bone Health – Silica is the most important factor in building live bone tissue through biological transmutation, which is the way nature intended. It helps to also guide organic calcium into the bone matrix and organise the other minerals’ functions and guide the necessary ones into the bone matrix as well.
  2. Joints/Cartilage/Tendons/Ligaments – Silica supports the formation of cartilage and also strengthens tendons and ligaments through its effects on connective tissue.
  3. Anti-Ageing – Silica is the undisputed #1 anti-ageing nutrient being responsible for strengthening hair and giving it shine; reducing wrinkles, retaining skin moisture and elasticity, helps blemishes and diseases like psoriasis; and strengthening nails.
  4. Heart – Silica fortifies and helps keep blood vessels elastic and prevents/overcomes calcification of heart arteries. It also remove plaque formation. In a way, it can also help erectile dysfunction cases as it promotes regular blood flow through vessels and arteries.
  5. Immune System – Silica augments the immune system and is also known to help battle infections in the body e.g. yeast infections.
  6. Oral Health – Silica is needed for healthy tooth enamel and also calms the inflammation of mucous membranes in the mouth and gums.
  7. Lungs – Silica strengthens the lungs’ tissues and is good against colds and inflammation of the throat area.
  8. Digestive Health – Silica is a popular agent against heartburn, flatulence, and helps to promote the excretion of certain pathogens and toxins from the intestines.
  9. Cells – Silica plays an important role in cellular metabolism and can also facilitate weight loss
  10. Mental Clarity – People with sufficient silica often find themselves with a clearer mind.
  11. Increased General Healing – Silica is the #1 mineral for accelerating wound healing, accelerated recovery from fractures, and reduces scarring.
  12. Detoxification – Silica has a high binding capacity and is the #1 detoxifier of Aluminium, which is present in high levels in the environment, our foods, skincare, cookware and many more sources. It is also alkalising.
  13. Deodourant Properties – Odour is generated by the combination of chemicals released by the body. Silica absorbs the chemicals, binds them to itself and transforms them. This process disinfects the body and allows it to release less pungent odours.

Trulica – The True Form of Silica for True Healing

Now that we know the importance of silica – it is imperative to note that most foods, even the renowned silica-rich plants, do not provide nearly as enough of the bioavailable, organic silica that the body needs. As silica is not stored in the body and must be replenished daily, it is critical in the spirits of optimal well-being that one looks to consume silica on a supplemental basis.

Whilst there are a few silica products on the market, none has even come close to matching the results associated with Trulica – the most bioavailable, and readily usable form of organic silica created till date! It is an exclusive, patented formula of true scientific genius. Derived from ORMUS-rich spring water sources,

Trulica is a natural “living” product adroitly formulated through a proprietary bacterial fermentation process of silica sand and molecularly bonded to water. Undergoing few generations of refinement to its proprietary process, Trulica has shown to be most absorbable by cells in the body. It is 100% safe having been the subject of scientists’ research since 1971 and extensive use in Europe for over 20 years. Its unparalleled efficacy is what keeps health practitioners and users raving about it till today.

This true form of silica is proven to best repair, renew, and rejuvenate bones, joints, skin, hair, nails, immunity, brain and cardiovascular health. It is the missing link to anti-ageing and required to organise minerals i.e. ensure they go where they are supposed to. Furthermore, it accelerates healing, reduces swelling, improves flexibility, relieves pain, increases energy, strength, mental clarity, alkalises cells, helps with infections, and detoxifies (especially Aluminium).

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