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12 Health Hazards of Overweight and Obesity

1. Diabetes:
There is a worldwide increase in obesity related to 21st century lifestyle (Link to country statistics on obesity). This in turn has led to an epidemic of type II diabetes.
80% of type II diabetics are overweight. 25% of adult Australians over the age of 25 years are either diabetic or pre-diabetic. (Blood sugars that are elevated but not yet as high as in established diabetes). 9% of Singaporeans are diabetics -- editor.

2. Hypertension (High blood pressure):
Elevated blood pressure is a major risk factor for heart failure and stroke. Obesity contributes significantly to increases in blood pressure.

3. Elevated cholesterol and heart disease:
Weight gain results in an elevation of cholesterol, in particular the smaller, denser molecules of cholesterol that increase the risk of clogging up arteries and leading to heart attacks and strokes.

4. Arthritis:
Osteoarthritis of the weight bearing joints is a common ailment as we age. However it can be significantly aggravated or accelerated by carrying abnormally heavy loads.
Carrying ten, or twenty or more excess kilograms will inevitably put additional stress on your hips and knees, resulting in painful, worn joints. And this is also the reason why many senior Singaporeans are having their kneecaps replaced! If You Are Considering Total Knee Replacement Surgery. If you have been told you have a severely damaged knee joint and would benefit from a total knee replacement, the questions you need to ask yourself are: 1. Have all of the appropriate non-surgical treatments been tried. 2. Is my painful knee significantly restricting my day to day activities and not allowing me to do the things I need to do and the things I enjoy doing?
-- editor

5. Cancer:
A number of cancers, including those of bowel, breast and uterus (womb) have been linked to obesity

6. Obstructive Sleep Apnea:
This is a condition in which breathing is interrupted many times a night resulting in non-refreshing sleep, headaches and daytime sleepiness. Often the long-suffering spouse will observe their partner having disturbed or restless sleep and snoring with periods of interrupted breathing (apnea) followed by gasping. Obstructive sleep apnea is a risk factor for heart attacks as well as road traffic and industrial accidents because of the chronic fatigue.

7. Reproductive problems:
Infertility has long been associated with obesity. Conditions such as polycystic ovarian syndrome, a cause of irregular periods and infertility, are worsened by weight gain and ameliorated by weight loss. If one is able to conceive, obesity increases the complication rates of both pregnancy and during childbirth. Urinary incontinence (loss of bladder control) is also worsened by excessive weight.

8. Gout and hyperuricaemia:
Gout is a painful inflammatory arthritis that tends to run in families. It results from uric acid crystals building up in the joints, most usually the great toe. Uric acid crystals can also build up in the kidneys as well resulting in Kidney stones. These are excruciating to pass and may result in permanent kidney damage.

9. Gallstones:
Gallstones forming in the gall bladder may result in a non-functioning gall bladder or stones may be passed, causing great pain. Gallstones may also obstruct the gall bladder, precipitating a surgical emergency.

10. Skin changes:
Stretch marks, chafing, intertrigo (itchy rashes that occur under skin folds), fungal skin infections and skin tags are all unpleasant consequences of obesity.

11. Fatty liver:
Deposition of fat in the liver can cause liver malfunction and in some individuals will progress to cirrhosis and liver failure

12. Psychological distress and social implications:
Last and certainly not least is the enormous psychological impact of obesity. This has been linked to depression, low self-esteem, feelings of rejection and eating disorders.
Overweight people are often stigmatized and labeled as lazy or glutinous. They are often discriminated against in the workplace or socially.


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