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SlimWise Weight Loss Program

The SlimWise weight loss program is a medically formulated, easy to follow flexible plan that will set you on the path to feeling good and looking great.

You can either use the comprehensive online planning and tracking facility at or you can use the simplified plan outlined in this website.

What is so great about the SlimWise weight loss program is that you get to choose what and when you eat. The program simply provides a framework for your food choices.

There are no contracts, pre-prepared meals, weekly weigh-ins or time wasting interviews.

Replace 2 meals a day with SlimWise formulated meal replacement. We recommend breakfast and dinner should be the ones replaced.

SlimWise formualted meal replacement is a complete meal which has been formulated in accordance with the guidelines set by the Food Standards Australia New Zealand. The prepared meal tastes just like your favourite delicious milk shake but provides a complete nutritious meal with a multitude of balanced nutrients required for your health.

Why SlimWise?
SlimWise is a program designed specifically for you. People commence on weight loss plans for a wide range of reasons including improved body image, a better lifestyle, increased energy, combating of illnesses and diseases, and reversing the adverse psychological effects of excessive weight, such as depression. No matter what your personal aims - SlimWise is a program that is customised to you and your lifestyle.

SlimWise has put great effort into designing a nutritionally balanced, simple and flexible program that focuses on healthy weight loss as well as long-term weight maintenance.

SlimWise Offers:
Balanced nutrition - a clinical balance of lean proteins, complex carbohydrates and vital fat blends, combined with the essential minerals and vitamins to ensure you get the nutrients you require and lose weight.

Proven Results - SlimWise clients are our greatest advertisements and walking testimonials. Simplicity and Flexibility - tapping into the latest nutrition, weight management and wellness research means a program that involves no gueswork and it completely customised to your own goals and needs.

Convenience - Meals "on-the-go" to fit your lifestyle.

SlimWise Products:
Whatever your weight loss goals, SlimWise makes it simple by giving you delicious and convenient meal replacement shakes. SlimWise products make it easier for you achieve your goals by providing the balanced nutrition your body needs, along with the variety of delicious flavours that taste sensational: espressor chill, wild strawberry, smooth chocolate, french vanilla.

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