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11 Myths About Weight Loss


1. Crash diets, fasting or skipping meals speeds up weight loss.
Not true. In the short term this may work, but you will inevitably fail in the longer term. A properly structured diet and exercise program that is sustainable in the long term always wins out. (Remember the fable of the tortoise and the hare). Crash diet, if do it too frequently, will disrupt the body's natural rhyme and is harmful to the body. Whereas fasting, if done properly and periodically, is good for the body (we don't use it as a weight loss tool). But it has to be well planned. I myself fast 7 to 21 days every six months to allow my body to rebuild itself. This is common practice among Yogi -- editor

2. Low fat foods help you lose weight.
This may be correct as long as the total kilojoule count is low. Unfortunately, many low fat foods are high in sugar. Always check the total energy rating of the foods, irrespective of the often-misleading labels. There are good fats like cold pressed organic vegetable oils: olive, coconut, grape seed, sunflower, flaxseed, sesame oils etc. These fats and oils will help body to shed weight! Stay away from high-temperature treated oils and fats and also the hydrogenated oils and transfats -- editor.

3. Skim milk is less nutritious than full fat milk.
Skim milk in fact has a higher protein and calcium content than the full fat counterpart. All it lacks is the unwanted fat. If you're very concious about your health, then stay away from milk and dairy products altogether, perhaps limited quantity of natural yogurt is permissible -- editor.

4. Gaining weight after quitting smoking is inevitable.
Weight gain after quitting only occurs with some people. Even in those in whom a few kilograms are gained, the weight tends to rapidly plateau. If one anticipates the possibility of weight gain, correct planning can prevent this. The health benefits of ceasing smoking far outweigh what should be temporary weight gain.

5. Certain foods such as grapefruit or cabbage burn fat.
There are no foods or other substances that burn fat. Certain components of foods such as caffeine and chilies have been shown to slightly increase the metabolic rate. Their effect is marginal and no substitute for a properly structured weight loss program.

6. Eating late at night puts weight on.
There may be sound reasons for not eating late at night, such as aggravating reflux and heartburn. Weight gain or loss depends on the total kilojoule intake rather than the time of the meal. I still do believe that eating late at night is a factor in gaining weight, because after eating, not much of physical activity but sleep. The calories consumed have no channel to burn but transform to fat -- editor.

7. Carbohydrates (starches) are fattening.
Carbohydrates form an essential part of a healthy diet and are found in cereals, grains, rice and pasta as well as many fruits and vegetables. Again, it comes down to total kilojoule intake. Again, I have a very good reason to believe that too much carbo is the major factor to gain weight, because, the simple sugar (after the digestion) if not used within few hours, will be transformed into fat for "safekeeping" by the body. And, our common diet is consist way too much of carbo! -- editor.

8. I can walk off that extra helping...
Trying to compensate for overindulgence doesn't work. We tend to overestimate the amount of energy expended by exercise and underestimate that 'little overindulgence'. To put it into perspective, a 30-minute walk at moderate pace (6km/hr) you would burn approximately 630 kj. This is equivalent to 5 small chocolate squares (30g)

9. Vegetarian diets will help with weight loss.
Whilst it is true that a diet high in fruit, vegetables and fibre is to be recommended, vegetarian diets are governed by the same kilojoule restrictions of any other diet. As in Singapore context, local vegetarian diets are generally full of flour and fried stuff, these are not wholesome, not to mention there are many artificial colorings and flavorings being used to make foods taste like real meats -- editor

10. I can diet to cure of cellulite.
Whilst cellulite is more prominent in the overweight, and weight loss may improve its appearance, dieting will not rid you of cellulite. Cellulite affects 80% of women to varying degrees. The only recognized permanent treatment for cellulite is surgery, usually in the form of liposuction. Surgery is only last resort, please consider doing warm water sea salt footbath regularly to prevent the condition from becoming worse. The cellulite is actually a poor vein and interceulluar circulation problem, regular exercise, stretching and footbath should help -- editor



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