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10 Common Dieting Mistakes


1. Failing to plan:
The old adage, 'failing to plan is planning to fail', applies to weight loss as much as any other important life endevour. If you don't know where you are going, or how to get there, how can you succeed? Be clear about your proposed target weight, desired rate of weight loss and strategies to deal with setbacks.

2. Skipping meals:
Skipping meals almost invariably leads to hunger (see below) and disruption of your carefully structured plan. Evidence suggests that not only is the skipped meal compensated for but also that most people overcompensate resulting in weight gain.

3. No exercise:
Initially weigh loss can be achieved without exercise. This rapidly comes to a halt because you can only restrict kilojoule intake to a limited amount. Exercise in addition to being an essential part of weight loss has many other benefits, like keeping your muscles toned to prevent lean muscle waste due to weight loss.

4. Insufficient or incorrect fluid intake:
Drink plenty water. Avoid sugary drinks, fruit juices (some of the juices, especially vegetable juices might be helpful -- editor), full fat milk and other beverages with high kilojoule intake. Whilst limited intake of diet drinks (avoid the artificial sweeteners though -- editor), tea and coffee are fine, nothing beats water in the Weight loss program. It assists with satiety (feeling of fullness) and adds no kilojoule, caffeine or other unwanted substances to the diet.

5. Setting unrealistic goals:
A realistic goal initially is to lose 10% of your body weight. Once this has been achieved, allow a period of weight maintenance and stability before resuming weight loss. The speed of weight loss will inevitably slow down eventually. If you are not prepared for this you may become disillusioned and be tempted to quit. Remember to re-calculate your kilojoule requirements as these change as your weight changes.

6. Losing weight too fast:
As a general rule, drastic weight loss equates with extreme dieting. Evidence suggests that the faster you lose it, the quicker you will regain it, often with interest. 'Slow and steady wins the race'. The plan you have set for yourself should be sustainable for the long term, not just a few weeks or months.

7. Going hungry:
This is the surest way to quit your diet. When we are hungry, we naturally tend to seek out energy dense foods. You are much more likely to reach for a candy bar or packet of chips than a stick of celery or green salad when you are hungry. You are more likely to be hungry if your plan is too extreme.

8. Having one meal for you, and cooking something else for the rest of the family:
Your diet should be a calorie controlled, healthy diet. The rest of the family should be eating the same healthy diet you are. Only their portion size might differ from yours.

9. Exposing yourself to Temptation:
It's much easier to resist eating junk food if you don't have any! Don't stock the home or pantry with your most tempting indulgence. If you are a chocoholic don't allow yourself access to chocolate. You might be able to resist chips or cookies, so those might be kept in the pantry in limited amounts for other family members or guests.

10. Not being mentally and emotionally prepared:
Weight loss requires a significant change in behaviour. There is a natural tendency for humans to revert to our 'comfort zone', even if the behaviour we are trying to change is destructive. If you've ever tried quitting smoking, you'll know what I mean.

11. Should the diet fail to reduce your weight, have your thyroid checked. The underperformed thyroid (hypothyroidism) makes your metabolism sluggish. So, correct the condiiton first, otherwise, it is almost impossible to loss weight and it is also dangerous to attempt one -- editor

You should have strategies in place to deal with difficult times and setbacks.


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