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BioArmor Daily 51+ (This product is no more available!)

BioArmor Daily 51+BioArmor Daily 51+ is a daily micronutrient supplement specifically dosed with appropriate antioxidants for anyone 51 years old and older.

Your body has multiple antioxidants some of which you take from your diet whereas others are made by your body. As you grow older, the capacity to make certain antioxidants is reduced; therefore, an additional supplement of antioxidants made by the body is needed. In addition, your body may also need additional amounts of dietary antioxidants, which are included in the BioArmor Daily formulations.

There are specific ingredient increases between the Optimal Health programs. Primarily, vitamin C, vitamin E, n-acetyl cysteine, alpha lipoic acid are increased for the older age groups.  In addition, coenzyme Q10 and L-carnitine are added. The amount of increase is approximately 1.5-2 times the amounts present in the younger group formulations.

What To Expect from BioArmor Daily 51+

Individuals may experience more energy, improved sleep patterns, fewer colds and overall improved wellness within 3 – 6 months. Continued consumption is recommended for optimal results. It is important to consume BioArmor Daily 51+ as directed. Take 3 easy-to-swallow capsules twice daily.

BioArmor Daily 51+ contains increased levels of Vitamin C to help support your immune system. Iron and Copper have been removed to avoid harmful chemical reactions with Vitamin C causing tissue and cell toxins that block overall health. BioArmor Daily 51+ does not contain any heavy metals such as molybdenum, boron, zirconium or vanadium like other over-a-counter vitamins, since long-term intake can lead to adverse effects in the brain. BioArmor Daily 51+ contains age appropriate levels of coenzyme Q10, and alpha lipoic acid to help support energy metabolism and decreased healing time. BioArmor Daily 51+ contains increased levels of two forms of Vitamin E that help protect the outside and inside of each cell. 
Taking a supplement once a day is not adequate to maintain optimal tissue levels of antioxidant protection. BioArmor Daily 51+ requires simple AM and PM dosing.

Recommended Ages

51 and older


Take 3 Capsule Twice Daily


Energy Production, Quicker Healing Time, Reduces Inflammation, Muscle & Joint Support, Boosts Immune System


180 Capsules, 30-day supply

BioArmor Daily 51+ Facts

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